About Us

We started off just like most off road enthusiasts, just a couple of guys tinkering with our Jeeps and trying to build the best rigs we could with what we had available to us. After buying all the aftermarket parts we could afford and wheeling them to their limits, we found out we needed more. We always looked for that "next thing" that could give us an advantage on the trail. We found ourselves wanting certain upgrades that couldn't just be bought and bolted on.  With backgrounds and experience in the mechanic field, automation programming, and off-road sports, we decided we wanted to try our hand at building what we wanted from scratch. At first it was a lot of sleepless nights and endless days learning and practicing with CAD and CNC software, welding, tube work, designing, and more. After about 10 months we had accumulated enough tools and knowledge to start prototyping and building our first big project, the Black Diamond TJ. We got so much positive feedback and interest from this alone that we decided to stick with it and continue to think creatively and take on new projects every day to broaden our knowledge and expand our talents.   




Our Mission

Our mission at GKO is simple: to help you gain the confidence needed to tackle any trail by making your rig more capable and your trips more enjoyable. We know first hand the importance of escaping every day life and exploring this beautiful planet with good friends and good times. We strive to make your satisfaction our number one priority by providing honesty and reliability through our work and spending one on one time with our customers either at the shop or on the trail. Get in touch today to see how we can help you make the most of your off-road experience.




Our TJ

When we started this build we had some inspiration from many other rigs we had seen and wheeled with. We knew we wanted to run one ton axles, 42 inch tires, and keep a low center of gravity. We start by stripping the old suspension and axles and rebuilding a set of super duty axles out of an 06' F350 (Dana 60 front and Sterling 10.5 rear) with selectable ARB air lockers in both. Than we ordered up a Motobilt belly pan (didn't have our own yet) and made our own control arms with 2" DOM and Heims. We 4 linked both the front and rear, got rid of the steering and track-bar and put in a full hyrdo-steer system from PSC. We ordered up some ADS air shocks and 41.5 Pitbull Rockers and built all our own body armor (bumpers, sliders, corner gaurds, etc. We slapped in an Atlas T-Case and some Adam's drive shafts and buttoned it all up. Of course this is just a summary and doesn't get into all the work put in to make all this fit together nicely but you get the point! If you're interested in having us build you a one of a kind rig or have more questions on our Black Diamond TJ go to the Contact Us tab and send us a message, we would love to talk with you!