As an expert in the field of off-road accessories and lighting solutions, GateKeeper Off-Road takes pride in its innovative products. We have a number of patents that protect our unique designs and technologies. Here is a list of our patented products:

  1. Knuckle Pod Light Mounts (US11254259, US11524622)

The Knuckle Pod Light Mounts are a product that sets us apart from the competition. These mounts are specifically designed to synchronize with steering wheel movements, providing optimal visibility on and off the road. With this innovative technology, our customers can navigate rough terrains with confidence, knowing that their lights are always pointing in the right direction.

At GateKeeper Off-Road, we understand the importance of intellectual property protection. Our patents not only safeguard our unique designs and technologies, but they also ensure that our customers receive high-quality, innovative products that are exclusive to our brand.

If you have any questions about our patented products or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at We are always here to provide expert advice and assistance.