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This client had a previous shop start this build vision and completely miss the mark by widening the body and building a monster truck looking subframe system that looked more like a boat than a Jeep....but what was the vision you ask? A stretched 1965 Jeep Wrangler CJ5 with modern suspension, 40"+ tires, an LM7 motor, and 4 doors. A mix of classic body architecture, modern performance, and 1st world convenience. 

The day Josh showed up to our shop he had the parts and pieces of this build on the back of a flatbed truck and a set of Super Duty axles to go with it. We went over his expectations and decided that we could help him build the vision he had in mind with the luxuries that he wanted as well. 

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We started this build by picking up a 2010 Jeep Wrangler JKU frame, and LM7 Motor, 14" ORI Struts, and a Motobilt 4-Link system so we could get this thing linked out and ready to roll as quickly as possible. Next we stripped the old mounts off the super duty axles and frame and welded on the Motobilt 4 link system, axle trusses, ,high steer arms, and slapped some links mounts on top of the axles. For the links we used some 1-1/4" heims and 2" x .25" wall DOM and ordered an aluminum tie rod from Wide Open Designs.  We got a spare CJ body and started by bracing and cutting up the body into thirds for the 4-Door stretch. from there we designed a "back-half and "front-half" kit to match to the new body, suspension, and drivetrain clearances. For the wheels and tires we bought some shiny Dirty Lyfe Beadlocks wrapped them in some 42" Pitbull Rockers we pulled out from storage to use as mock up tires.

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From here we had the motor gone through by a professional builder with upgraded cam and lots of shiny new parts, and paint! Then we snagged an NP205 transfer case and Eco Box doubler with the 2:72/1 planetary gear set from and NP231. To finish off the drivetrain we picked up an NV4500 transmission and, with some parts from Advanced Adapters, we married it all together. 

Once we were able to hang the drivetrain into position where we wanted it for good, we measured out and designed the motor and transmission mounts so we could keep it in place while we finish building the shock towers for the ORI's and body mounts. 

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