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ACEBEAM L35 5000 High Lumens Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

ACEBEAM L35 5000 High Lumens Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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High-Performance Tactical Illuminator: The L35 flashlight boasts an impressive 5000 lumens maximum output and a remarkable beam reach of up to 480 meters, thanks to its single CREE XHP70.2 LED. It excels in applications such as long-range search missions, emergency situations, tactical operations, and defense needs.

Dual-Switch Operation: The L35 tactical flashlight is equipped with both a tactical tail switch and a side switch, offering swift and flexible functionality. The one-stage tactical tail switch enables immediate access to turbo mode with a single press, ensuring it caters to your tactical requirements in diverse scenarios.

Extended Runtime Champion: With an astounding runtime of up to 55 days, the L35 tactical flashlight becomes your reliable companion, providing consistent illumination whenever you need it. A built-in power indicator keeps you informed about the remaining battery capacity, allowing you to recharge it proactively.

Everyday Carry Convenience: Weighing just 161g (5.6oz), the L35 is an ultra-compact tactical flashlight that easily fits in your hand or can be securely attached to pockets and backpacks using the convenient clip. Carry it comfortably with a lanyard to keep your hands free for any task.

Dependable and Robust Design: Crafted from durable IPX8-rated aluminum alloy, the L35 boasts a rugged construction that can endure a demanding 1.5-meter drop test. In our commitment to quality, we stand behind our products with a five-year warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.


Powerful pocket tactical flashlight with breakthroughed 5,000 lumens 
LED: 1xCree XHP70.2  LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Moonlight: 1 lumen; 12 days
Low: 70 lumens; 462cd; 43 meters; 33 hours 30 minutes
Mid1: 200 lumens; 1,980cd; 89 meters; 12 hours 45 minutes
Mid2: 650 lumens; 6,241cd; 158 meters; 4 hours 
High: 1500 lumens; 14,884cd; 244 meters; 1 hour 30 minutes
Turbo: 5000 lumens; 57,600cd; 480 meters; 1 hours 15 minutes
Strobe: 1650 lumens; 2 hours 30 minutes

Max. output 5,000 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 480 meters
Max. runtime: 12 days
Peak beam intensity: 57,600cd

Brightness reaches 5,000lumens by one single CREE XHP70.2 LED and one single 21700 battery
Maximum beam intensity of 57,600cd and maximum throw of 480 meters
Powered by a 21700 battery, recommend Acebeam USB-C rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery (5100mAh)
6 brightness levels option plus special Strobe
An updated homogeneous optical lens provides better light quality with a soft and balanced beam
The aggressive strike bezel is used to break windows or defend in an emergency situation
Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Dual switches for easy and fast operation
The power indicator indicates the remaining battery power
Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)
Intelligent protection adjusts output performance to prevent overheating
All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
Strobe mode disorients an attacker without excessive force
Size: 152mm (Length) x 54.2mm (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 161g(5.68oz.) w/o battery
Impact resistance to 1 meter
IP68 waterproof (5 meters submersible)

A Note From The Legal Department: We recommend the use of very high quality 21700 / 18650 batteries with this flashlight. We do not recommend the use of higher voltage batteries. Never cover the lens of the light when on.

Also light will not work with standard AA batteries since the voltage needs to be at least 3V to operate with LVD 

Also, the light will become warm in Turbo mode if this is used for an extended period. Any attempt to modify these lights will void the warranty. We know when you try to remove the Pill. Safety is our primary concern and always charge Lithium Cells in a safe place.

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