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Diode Dynamics

Diode Dynamics SSC1 Yellow Pro Standard LED Light Pods

Diode Dynamics SSC1 Yellow Pro Standard LED Light Pods

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Primary Optic
Backlight Color

Featuring custom-engineered TIR optics combined with a single high-power LED chip, these pods have been designed for maximum performance and light output. Unlike traditional optics, the custom-engineered TIR optic in the Stage Series C1 collects all of the light from the LED, and directs it only where you need it, drastically reducing glare and improving total efficiency. The selective yellow is a 3000K color temperature, great for high contrast in poor weather or a distinctive look on the road. 

Functional Patterns. All Stage Series beam pattern options were designed with optical simulation modeling, to shape the output in a highly-functional beam pattern. No matter what your auxiliary lighting needs are, there is a Stage Series optic for you!

  • Flood pattern was designed to provide uniform, even illumination with a full 50x50 degree spread of light. Unlike generic "flood" lights that are simply a heavily diffused spotlight, our flood pattern uses pillow optics on the outer lens surface, to provide a true optically designed spread, for even illumination throughout. It is perfect to use as a backup light, scene lighting, or for trailers and roof racks.
  • Wide pattern is perfect for general illumination. It spreads light a full 50 degrees, but keeps a tighter 20-degree vertical spread. It has a slight punch, but still fills out the area. The Wide pattern can be used anywhere you need to shine some extra light!
  • Spot is an unmodified pattern, shining focused light directly from the TIR optic. The result is a highly-focused 7-degree beam of light, perfect for directing light far into the distance. NOTE: The Pro Spot uses a slightly larger emitter which spreads the light output more than the Sport Spot, resulting in a lower candela and lux rating even at a higher power level.
General Specifications:
Functions: Yellow Output with Amber Backlight
Voltage Range: 9-16V
Current Draw (amps @ 12.8V): 1.7A (output), 25mA (backlight)
Wattage: 21.5W (output), 0.3W (backlight)
Connector Type: 4 Pin DT Connector
Driver Type: Integrated Driver
LED Type/Count: Cree XHP50 4000K/1 total, 3014/3 total
Compliance Rating: J575 Durability Test
Intrusion Rating: IP67 Weatherproof
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C


  • Pro option uses a higher amount of total power
  • Ultra-compact, single-LED form factor
  • High-intensity 10-watt LED chip
  • Backlighting in a brilliant amber color
  • Pin-fin heatsink design, for superior thermal dissipation
  • Integrated Deutsch-style connector
  • Designed, torture-tested and assembled in USA

Installation Instructions: 

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