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Emergency Space Blanket & Sleeping Bag

Emergency Space Blanket & Sleeping Bag

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These are the Emergency "Space Blankets" that you hear so much about.


  • Unopened Size: Approx. 3.5 inches by 5 inches
  • Opened Size: 84 inches by 52 inches
  • Canadian Ministry of Health # 652920320

What are they really?
They are just a simple sheet of heavy weight mylar film very neatly folded to fit in your pocket.

Why are they called "Space Blankets"?
Mylar was developed for the manned space program

Do they work?
Absolutely, they help you retain 90% of your body heat. Every car, boat, plane, backpacker, disaster kit and first aid kit should have at least one. Locally, every school has a cache of them for disaster.

Are they reusable?
Sure, can you neatly fold it back up again? But they are so inexpensive why bother.

What other uses do they have?

  • In the desert they reflect the sun off your shelter and are visible from miles. (You decide if that's good or bad.)
  • Use them to build a solar oven.
  • Don't use them for sun tanning (they work too good and too fast).
  • They make a good camping ground cloth. They reflect heat and prevent moisture from coming up from the ground.


Sleeping Bag Specs Below:

These emergency sleeping bags are just the ticket for your emergency needs.

Retains 90% of body heat

Can be used by itself or in conjunction with a sleeping bag (inside or over).

Complete thermal protection from rain and snow 


  • Emergencies
  • Camping
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Survival
  • Football Games 

Size: 84" X 36" , Weighs Less Than 3 oz.


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