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GateKeeper Off-Road

Exhaust Header Down Pipe Bolt Tab-Nut Set for TJ XJ ZY YJ WJ LJ

Exhaust Header Down Pipe Bolt Tab-Nut Set for TJ XJ ZY YJ WJ LJ

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We've all been in that frustrating situation, where you just want to replace your exhaust gaskets, take off your oil pan, or swap out your down pipe. You think it should be a quick job with just four bolts, and you'll be done in 10 minutes, right? Wrong. Rusty bolts and flimsy factory tabs turn it into a nightmare. They spin, and you end up spending 235 hours struggling to reach for a pair of vise grips up the side of your engine, leaving your knuckles battered and teaching your kids some unexpected vocabulary!

We've got the solution for you! You don't have to deal with those troublesome bolts anymore. Our grade 8 bolts and 1/8" extended tab nuts will ensure you never have to risk reaching into tight spaces again. Say goodbye to the frustration and busted knuckles!

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic alternative

I have a couple of nut and bolts in mine with 2 factory tabs. I knew I needed to make it right some day.
Last night I pulled the bolt nut combo I installed as they kept coming loose and battled to remove the remaining factory tabs. Once removed this flag nut went in way easier.
I reached up from the bottom and installed all 4. Highly recommend for any 4.0 owner.

Header bolts

Put these on a 2006 TJ. So much easier to install compared to OEM. Would recommend to anybody even if your OEM are not rusted to hell like mine were.

Header bolts

Awesome hardware, flag nuts are much better than OEM. Old ones had to be cut off, great quality and fast shipping!!!


Nice quality hard to find



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