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What are the benefits?

Knuckle Pod Mounts offer several benefits due to their low mounting position and steerable capability. One benefit is the improved visibility, when used as fog lights, for lifted vehicles in adverse weather conditions. Most lifted vehicles don't have properly mounted fog lights due to aftermarket bumpers or lift kits that also lift the factory lights. Knuckle Pods keep the light low which helps illuminate the ground rather than the fog/dust/snow/etc.

Another key benefit is enhanced visibility while maneuvering through turns or bends at night. Since they mount to your knuckles, the lights turn with your wheels which provides a dynamic lighting experience that widens your field of view and allows you to drive with increased confidence.

Are they hard to install?

Although we always recommend professional installation, Knuckle Pod Mounts are very easy to install for most DIY'ers. They typically only require a few hand tools and some basic mechanical/electrical knowledge. Most of our mounts are held on with two hub bolts or high steer arm bolts. This usually just requires removal and reinstallation of factory hardware (torqued accordingly) and the ability to hook up your wiring properly.

The wiring portion is about the same as adding any other set of lights to your rig. The only difference is the length of wire needed (since they are mounted low) and where to attach it on the axle side. We recommend following and zip tying your wiring to the brake/abs lines as these should be setup for your suspension to ensure you have enough slack.

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Which mounts do I need?

The mounts you need will ultimately be based on your vehicle's knuckles. So, if you have the stock axles on your vehicle, you will either select the vehicle manufacturer below or you can shop by vehicle using the main menu at the top/left of the page.

If you are running aftermarket axles (Spicer, Dynatrac, Fusion, etc) you will want to look under our "aftermarket axles" or "junkyard axles" categories below.

If you are running axles from different vehicle that did not come stock on your rig, you will want to look for the mounts for the vehicle you got the axles from by using our categories below or the "shop by vehicle" section of the website menu.

Are they only for off road?

While Knuckle Pod Mounts were designed to enhance your off road night wheeling experience, they can also be very useful on the road. The low mounting position makes them a favorite for fog lighting and cruising back roads.

Although they can be useful on the street we do recommend treating them like high beams (especially if you're not running SAE/DOT lights) so you don't blind oncoming traffic on accident.

What lights should I use?

Although different applications may be able to fit different sized lights, we recommend a 2", single LED pod light.

We have plenty of examples of lights in our "Compatible Lights" section which you can find in the categories below or in the menu under "Steerable Lighting"-"Compatible Lights".

All of the lights in our compatible collection are guaranteed to fit and ensure proper fitment and clearance for suspension/steering components.

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